A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Watch as the Good Bears battle the Evil Bears in a fight to the death....their weapons a choice? .....PONG!! Yeah that's right. Witness the greatest two-player battle of the century. First to five points is declared the winner. So who will it be? The Evil Bear who will rule the land? Or the Good Bears as they bring world peace. The choice is declared by your skill. Good luck.

Due to the nature of war, the game starts instantaneously as it is opened. So be ready. Player One controls the Evil Bears with the W and S keys for up and down movement. Player Two uses the up and down arrow keys for control of the Good Bears. First to Five points wins the war.

Install instructions

Once downloaded, create a new file and extract all game files into that new folder. Once that is done, select the file of your operating system, (Windows 32/64 bit or Linux 32/64 bit) and within that file, launch the .exe file. From there, enjoy the game. :)


application.linux-armv6hf.zip 93 MB